FYI — the website for my new show, MeatEater is now up and running. Be sure to check out for schedule information, videos, some behind-the-scenes action, and more.

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  1. Enjoy your show. Would like to know more on the gear you carry on your hunts. Especially the spices you carry to cook with. I’ve eaten meat during my survial training and you always seem to wish you could have gave it some kind of flavor.
    O, also saw something about winning a hunt with you. Send info please. Ciao!

  2. Bill Covell says:

    Dear Steve,
    I love your show. I’m a Pennsylvania deer hunter and I’ve always said, I”m a meat hunter, “Does are for eaten and Bucks are for braggin.” Finally a hunting show that is genuine.

  3. Eric says:

    What is the name brand of the boots that you wear and how can I get a pair?

  4. Chuck Early says:

    Hey, Steve, I’ve been a big fan since the first time I saw “The Wild Within”. The new show, “Meat Eater’, is even better to me. And you have a lot of fans that you may not know about check out the many nice comments you receive on this Field & Stream blog by David Petzal. btw, I’m Longbeard on that blog.

    Keep up the good work! We hunters need honest representatives with a high degree of integrity such as yourself.

  5. E Castillo says:

    Steve love the show. Finally a realistic hunting show with a new and interesting twist. Although I am not a big game hunter (upland & waterfowl), i do very much like the concept of MeatEater. I feel the same way about any type of hunting and makes me appreciate it alot more. I would like to request a couple of shows geared towards upland birds. treking and camping across remote areas hunting upland game. I was thinking more along the lines of remote chukar hunting in the mountains, mearns quail in the arizona mountains, ptarmigan in the rockies, grouse in montana – something with a bit more adventure.

    any more books in the future? keep up the good work.

  6. Ed Mancuso says:

    This was the worst show I’ve ever seen put on the air by you. I’m an avid sportsman, and, I think people watch your show to see hunts that we wish we could have been a part of. I’m a great cook, and, enjoy your tips on cooking outdoors. But, I think you should stick with your successful hunts.

  7. Frank Riego says:

    I love the show too. I`d like to know the brand name of the rifle you are using…what caliber
    is it and where can I purchase one.

  8. Steve Beaudoin says:

    Steve love your show wonderd what happen to u. How does your music
    I have some bed tracks if you’d like to use them free just put my name in the
    Steve B. Colorado

  9. Ron Leighton says:

    Steve you just get better and better. You bring your hunting experience into our lives and do it in a true gathers way. You seem to be more in your element on this program than Wild Within.
    Don’t get me wrong they are both good, just because I personally know you this is more you. I wish I could hunt Sitka Black tail with you.
    Keep up the good work and I hope to see many more of your hunting, gathering adventures. Hope to see you and your family soon!

  10. Wade says:

    Steve, Having seen several episodes of Meat Eater, I feel it is the best hunting show on tv. It is refreshing to see do it yourself, no frills adventure hunting with the primary goal being to put meat on the table, rather than the size of the rack. I always look forward to seeing how you will cook the first piece of meat from each animal. Thank you for capturing hunting as it should be, and doing it the way I would. Looking forward to upcoming episodes.

  11. ken keelan says:

    Steve your show is awesome keep it going love hunting cooking all of it

  12. Erik B. says:

    Steve saw your show for the first time today (we don’t always have the outdoor channels) and my wife and I really enjoyed it. Your awesome. One question, in this episode you were wearing a t-shirt with what looked like a cat on a skewer being cooked. I loved it, where can I get one.

    Stay true to your roots and keep rocking.

  13. CJ Anderson says:

    Hey Steven I would love to go turkey hunting with you this spring up in IDAHO I love your show.

  14. mike says:

    Best outdoor show running. Very refreshing and different outlook to the great outdoors as far as shows go. Many of us watching share the same views as you do and its awesome to see the different hunts and dinners you produce.

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